Our Team

from Viron Rondo, proprietor


It gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to share with you a little bit about who I am and my life’s passion.

When I was 16 years old, I worked in restaurants in my native Greece. For a young man new to the hospitality industry, the days were long and the work was demanding, but I learned then that I wanted to do nothing else in my life.

In 1999, Patsy’s Restaurant Group of New York hired me to establish and manage their expansion into Manhattan. My years at Patsy’s taught me two valuable lessons: how to make the most demanding customers happy, and the fine art of the New York style wood fire oven pizza.

In 2007, I took this knowledge and set out to find and manage the award winning da Capo Restaurant Group.

With locations in Avon and Litchfield, we introduced true quality Italian cuisine and authentic thin crust pizza.  What’s more, my team brought pleasure back to the dining experience.

In our first year, Connecticut Magazine recognized daCapo’s pizza as among the state’s best. Over the years, further acknowledgments from Litchfield Magazine, The Courant, and the Republican American agreed.

I look back at my time at da Capo fondly for while I was there, my customers became my dearest friends.  Their lives became part of mine.

I feel so blessed when I consider how the community welcomed my family into their hearts, just as I worked so hard to welcome them into mine.

Connecticut, I am proud to say, is now my true home.

It is where my wife Deni and I are raising are two children and where I am happy to continue my life’s vacation: making good people happy by providing them the best dining experience I know how.

To my friends, I look forward to the honor of having you back to my table.

If you are new to me, when you visit please introduce yourself so that I may have the pleasure of welcoming you, personally.

Thank you,